Magnolia Treehouse Project

The team of the club of Aigli Geni Hamam & the Tree House in new adventures ..!

After a long & thorough search, a new partnership with the founders of Magnolia Beach Club (Bahia) came to give a little color & space and we present to you the space that will host us from now on, which is none other than the wonderful garden of the Mill !

The very large patio space makes it the most suitable place for responsible and safe entertainment, as suggested by our special seasons!

So here we announce the start of the Magnolia Treehouse Project!

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  • NON x TREEP pres. FIDELES, Paul Anthonee, Andreas Athineos

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  • Ãstrαλ V w/ Petar Dundov, Starkato Live, Tash, ao

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  • TREEP 6 w/ Erly Tepshi, Paul Anthonee, ao

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